Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Best Dad Ever!

Great big graduation day for us too!  When your dad is in school...or your husband...it feels like the whole family graduates.  And I have yet to believe that it is really true.
But here's the proof.  No way my husband would were that cap and gown if it wasn't for real.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rise and Shout! Nate is OUT!


That's right I'm out! Out of BYU for good! I entered to learn and now it is time for me to go forth and serve. It was a great 5 years but I wouldn't want to be a college student forever. I'll probably return to school in a year or so for a master's degree but it will be nice to take a break from being a student to instead be the teacher! Maybe y'all have yet to hear but I am moving to Nashville, Tennessee!!!

Above is a picture of what downtown looks like.

See this map here? Look in the bottom right corner. You'll see a town called Antioch. That is the exact town that I will be teaching in. I have been hired to teach high school drafting and woodworking.

Don't we look good? Well, me and mom look good, dad looks like he is in a bit of pain or something. It must be all that delicious food that we had at Magleby's for lunch.

Congratulations Ashley!

Ashley officially graduated from BYU in December, but she walked this past week! Congratulations!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012