Friday, August 26, 2011

Dog Bite

In case you haven't heard....

Pinkie got bit by Gus the attack dog when we were at the cabin last Friday.

We were just sittin' outside chattin'. Pinkie and Gus were sitting nose to nose, Pinkie petting Gus when all of the sudden he growled, lunged, and bit.

A trip down the mountain, and 3 staples later, we were back at the cabin enjoying ourselves.

It looks like the cut is healing nicely. Aunt Vand will take the staples out for us this weekend. just in time for school to start.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Adventures

We ran the Salem Days fun run! 2nd race after the broken foot.
We have had a couple of summer projects. This....
and this!
Ashley made these really yummy brownies.
We went to the cabin for the 24th of July.
We went to Bear Lake with Ashley's family. We rented some jet skis. I am a wimp.
We went camping up Payson canyon. We had a Uno tournament. I didn't do very well.
We went to Park City for a weekend with Ashley's family. We rode the gondola at the canyons and went mountain biking.
We made a last minute trip to Lagoon one day when we found out I didn't have any work.
We have been going to concerts in the park by temple square We have been getting lots of Hawaii'n Ice this summer. It is so good!